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What is the Difference Between Birch Plywood, Birch Plywood, and Birch Plywood?

Aug. 20, 2021


As a Birch Plywood Manufacturer, share with you. Birch board is the general name of all boards made of birch wood. According to the structure of the wood board, it can be divided into multi-layer boards, blockboard, density board, particle board and so on. The birch multi-layer board is to cut the birch board into slices. The sheet-like board requires uniform thickness and fewer defects. Then it is mixed with phenolic resin glue and hot pressed into the shape of a multi-layer board. This kind of wood board has higher strength High. Birch blockboard is made by processing birch logs into the shape of wooden blocks, and then use E0 glue or other types of environmentally friendly glue to bond the blocks together to form a blockboard. The blockboard is lighter and suitable for making some that do not require load-bearing. Products. Both birch density board and particle board need to break the wood into wood particles of different sizes, and then press the wood particles into a whole through the high pressure of the adhesive.

Finishing Birch Plywood

Finishing Birch Plywood

Plywood refers to wood panels made by gluing. This wood panel does not limit the material and the production process, but only depends on whether it is necessary to add an adhesive during the manufacturing process. The types of wood used to make plywood are particularly rich. Common ones include birch plywood, beech plywood, basswood plywood, ash plywood, maple plywood, pine plywood, eucalyptus plywood and poplar plywood and so on. Sometimes there are plywood composites made of other non-wood materials and wood materials, such as fireproof plywood, waterproof plywood, non-slip plywood, etc. The structures are all fireproof boards, waterproof boards, anti-skid boards and plywood composite products.

Birch plywood is an organic unity of birch wood and plywood. Plywood has the most stable properties among many woods, and birch can generally be seen in some places with high mechanical strength requirements. Birch is rated as the most popular wood species in the Nordic countries. Under the background of declining birch resources, a considerable part of our country is imported from abroad. The anti-skid boards made by Finishing Birch Plywood are already very popular.